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Guangxi Zhengdong Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the key projects in Lingchuan, Guilin City. Our company has excellent equipment, complete supporting facilities, solid technology, strong strength, and rigorous management. It is an excellent production base for rubber and other equipment.

Guangxi Zhengdong Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Tanxia Machinery Park, Guilin High speed Rail Industrial Park, Guangxi. Zhengdong Machinery was founded in 2006, with a total factory area of 40 acres. The company has the qualification to manufacture pressure vessels and can provide various services such as p...

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The company is a pressure vessel manufacturing enterprise

Professional production of various chemical equipment

With over 20 years of production experience and a modern processing workshop of 12000 square meters

The workshop is equipped with a series of modern processing equipment

Currently, there are several thousand cooperative enterprises


Guangxi Zhengdong Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd

Mao Heng:18978656999  

Project manager:17707735912

Project manager:17707735913

Project manager:17707735915

Project manager:17707735916(Pressure vessel customer service)

Enterprise email:glzhengdong@163.com

Company address:Lingchuan Tanxia Industrial Park, Guilin City, Guangxi