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Guangxi Zhengdong Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Tanxia Machinery Park, Guilin High speed Rail Industrial Park, Guangxi. Zhengdong Machinery was founded in 2006, with a total factory area of 40 acres. The company has the qualification to manufacture pressure vessels and can provide various services such as pressure vessel design, manufacturing, installation, repair, and renovation.

Zhengdong Machinery's main products are various chemical equipment, including various large, medium, and small containers, resin equipment, coating equipment, environmental protection equipment, heat exchange equipment, graphene equipment, and rubber making equipment for artificial board projects, MDI rubber storage tanks, mixing machines, wood chip washing equipment, slag water extruders, stainless steel conveyors, high-speed emulsifiers, dispersers, stainless steel tanks in various industries, and other products. We accept various non-standard equipment, steel frames Design and manufacturing of tank bodies.

The company has strong technical design and research and development capabilities, rich design and manufacturing experience, and advanced processing equipment: 6kw plate laser cutting machine, 250 ton heavy-duty folding machine, 1400mm × 11000 lathe, 3828 × 3000mm lathe, CNC 4.5m heavy-duty rolling machine, 600mm sawing machine, intersecting line pipe automatic cutting machine, pipe plate automatic welding, large turntable lifting welding machine, automatic takeover welding, heavy-duty 8-wheel turntable, 12m high elevator, irregular plate forming machine, head automatic polishing machine, cylinder automatic polishing machine, pipe automatic polishing machine, water sandblasting surface treatment system, 6-meter long axis dynamic balance debugging machine, heavy-duty flat rail car, etc.

There are 8 utility model patent certificates, which are:

1. Tail gas treatment system for artificial board adhesive production, patent number: ZL202120701948.5;

2. A reaction kettle sampling device, patent number: ZL202120701941.3;

3. A glue preparation reaction kettle, patent number: ZL202120703681.3;

4. A board assembly device for artificial board production line, patent number: ZL202120707432.1;

5. A dehydration adhesive preparation system, patent number: ZL202120707245.3;

6. A rubber mixing device for manufacturing artificial boards, patent number: ZL202120707412.4;

7. A feeding device for manufacturing artificial boards, patent number: ZL202120717955.4;

8. A coating equipment for organic glued artificial board production, patent number: ZL202120717932.3