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Detailed introduction

The BS and BF series new ring type glue mixer is a new generation of glue mixing (application) equipment developed by our company's researchers based on centrifugal glue mixer and after years of practice. This equipment is suitable for supporting the production line of wood particle board, bagasse board, cement particle board, fiberboard and other particle boards with an annual output of 5000 m3 to 450000 m3. The BS series ring mixing machine is a small production capacity medium to high speed mixing series, with fast and uniform mixing speed.

The BF series ring type mixing machine is a high-capacity, low-speed, and long axis mixing machine. The feeding method has been improved by changing from radial feeding to tangential feeding. At the same time, a hidden spiral guide plate is designed at the feeding port, completely solving the problem of poor feeding and dust at the feeding port. The discharge port is equipped with an automatic fine adjustment resistance door structure, and the spraying port adopts a compressed air full atomization spraying method to evenly mix and save glue amount.





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