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Low speed long shaft rubber mixer

Detailed introduction

Advanced domestically | Low speed long shaft rubber mixer

Main advantages and features:

1. Low speed gentle stirring, refined mixing claws to prevent damage to large shavings;

2. Low speed gentle stirring, refined mixing claw, reduces wear on the inner cylinder;

3. Adopting high wear-resistant thickened copper plate;

4. New air atomization nozzle with good atomization effect and no blockage;

5. New cooling water system, double-layer shell, mixing shaft for water cooling;

6. Electric opening and closing mechanism;

7. Accurate adjustment of the dynamic balance of the mixing shaft, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

Parameter Table of Low Speed Long Axis Rubber Mixing Machine


Parameter table of medium speed rubber mixer


Explanation: Models BF140~BF200, due to the small volume of the cylinder, manual opening and closing can be selected.

Note: The above parameters are for reference only and may have slight deviations in practice


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